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Spoken words to Rhyddid (Freedom) are now in the music folder to help with pronunciation :-)  
5/7/2013 07:14:54 am

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Heidi Proctor
12/7/2013 01:44:29 am

I've come up with a phonetic version of Rhyddid, to try to help my choir & me to get to grips with it as none of us know any Welsh.

I've pasted it here in case it's any use to anyone else. With apologies to all Welsh-speakers out there!

Freedom Will Come (Welsh)

Verse 1
Soprano: Oar ruh-thid
Rest: Ruh-thid a thou, my are ay fowrth

My gain-i fee-th

Verse 2:
Soprano: Oar canun
Rest: Oar canun am, guy-l biu may-un heth

Verse 3:
Soprano: Oar heth-uch
Rest: heth-uch ee bowb, ee blant er beed

Margaret Bradshaw
14/7/2013 07:35:20 pm

Thanks for the phonetic version of the song!!

Tried to open the sound file and there doesn't seem to be anything there.

Have posted a query about this elsewhere, but not had a reply yet. (Am expecting that organising is a very busy thing.)

Thanks again!!


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